Meet Our Recent Speakers

Larry Sharpe

Managing Director

William Morales

CEO & Founder, Real Estate Investor

Manny Alicandro

Senior Capital Markets Expert

Bryan Crane

Chief Growth Officer

Danny Shapouri

Sales Manager

John Dean Markunas

Principal Consultant

Ricardo Taveras

Angel Investor

Mátyás Záborszky

ICO/STO Strategic Advisor

Eve Muradyan

Multi Family Office Advisor

Tatiana Moroz

Founder, TatianaCoin

Biser Dimitrov

Co-Founder, BlockEx

Nick Spanos

CEO, Founder of Bitcoin Center, NYC.

Rita Khurdayan

Managing Partner, Dilendorf Khurdayan, PLLC

Max Dilendorf

Managing Partner, Dilendorf Khurdayan, PLLC

Pawneet Abramowski

Advisor & Consultant PARC Solutions LLC

Jim Anderson

CEO of SocialFlow

Nithin Eapen

CIO, Arcadia Crypto Ventures

Chris Plance

Founder & President of the Veris Foundation

Reed Benet

CEO Herohomes

Joel Palathinkal, Ph.D

General Partner, Genesis Block Venture Capital

Yvette Valdez

Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP

Daniel Leon

Founding President & COO, Celsius

Victoria Saucier

Managing Partner at Ignite 500

Sergey Sevantsyan

Founder of DAO MBA

Raza Begg

Founder, Bitcare

Peter D. Hatzipetros

President & Founder of Petros Law Group

Serge Milman

Managing Partner at Starta Ventures

Katya Dorozhkina

Founding Partner of Starta Ventures

Gary J. Ross

Partner of Ross & Shulga PLLC

Constantin Kogan

Partner. Bitbull Capital Management LP

Steven V. Melnik

Founder of the CIA Life Amplifier™ Educator, Influencer, Ambassador

Sean Nasiri

Head of East Coast Operations, TokenSoft

Jeff Ramson

Founder and CEO, PCG Advisory Group

Sachin Narode

Founder Xeniapp Inc.


Partner, Cogent Law Group, LLP

Madison Campbell

Founder Iyanu

Benjamin Dynkin JD

Co-Founder, Atlas Cybersecurity

Bradley Kohn

Thought Leader

Charles Kaufman Esq.

Partner, Homeier Law PC

Michael G. Homeier, Esq.

Partner, Homeier Law PC

Geoffrey Ashburne

Securities Attorney

Anu Bhardwaj

Founder of Women INVESTING in Women DIGITAL

Evan Greenberg

Co-Founder,Blockchain Beac

Aaron Bylund

CMO, GratiFi

Chris Lovato


Naeem Al-obaidi

Founder Traders Profit Club

Roy Hinkis

Head of Marketing MFchain

John Marchesini

Co-founder Blockchain Beach

Nate Helfrey

COO & Co-Founder IQToken

Rod Turner

CEO, Manhattan Street Capital

Will Walker

Award Winning Hollywood Actor

Roy Taylor

CEO RioVista Universal

Natacha Rousseau

Account Director at Transform Group

Marshal Webb

Co-Founder & CTO

Jeremy Musighi

Founder, Immutable Capital

Ben Chiarelli

Founder & CEO, Cellibre

Dustin Boyer

Venture Partner at DNA

Cory Klippsten

President and CIO, DNA

Jason fishman

DNA Marketing

John Wharton

CEO and Co-Founder, CryptoFury

Joy Case

CEO of ImaginitTV

Gene Massey

Chairman/CEO MediaShares

Darren Marble

CEO of CrowdfundX

Tanjila Islam

CEO | Founder, TigerTrade

Tom Lombardi

Head Market Development, Ethereum Alliance

Philipp Pieper

CEO & Co-Founder, Swarm Fund

Jodi Mixon

CMO and Co-Founder, CryptoFury

Robin Rowe

CEO and Founder

Heng Him

CEO, IQToken

James Grundvig

COO & Founder.

Chris Henry

Former CEO of Blocksafe Technologies, Inc

Apneet Jolly

Co-Founder & Managing Partner CryptoLotus

Ken DiCross

Co-Founder at Social Wallet Inc

Vekrum Kaushik

serial entrepreneur

Michael Brunner

CEO and Founder at BlockMedx

Joe DiPasquale

CEO, Bitbull Capital

Mark Kay

Advisor & Chairman of the Board, Blocksafe Technologies

George Waller

CoFounder, Strike force Technologies


CEO, Bethereum

Abhinav Ramesh

CEO of WandX

Steve Sillam

Co-Founder & CEO of Leaseum Partners

Paul Fox

MD of Blockchain Pacific Capital

Steve Hoy

CEO, Enosi Foundation

David Mondrus

CEO, Trive

Bobby Tinsley VP of Sales/Co-Founder

VP of Sales/Co-Founder, Priatek

Milind Bharvirkar

President/Founder, Priatek

Dr. Stephanie Hurder

Partner, Prysm Group

Matt Peterman

CEO and Co-founder

Marshall Greenwald

CEO, CrayPay

Lance Baker

President, Game Loot Network

Anton Mozgovoy

CTO of Humaniq

Dr. Cathy Barrera

Co-founder & Chief Economist, Prysm

Rahdi Fakhoury

CEO, Foleum Inc.

Andrew Dix

CEO & Co-Founder

Natasha Bansgopaul

Co-Founder & COO DarcMatter

Maxwell Rich Esq.

Internal Council, Republic.co

Stacy Huggins

Co-Founder and MP of NIO Inc.

Raymond Milian

CEO & Co Founder

James Haft

Co-Founder & Partner at Crypto Oracle

Lou Kerner

Co-Founder & Partner at Crypto Oracle

Louis Adimando

Co-Founder & CSO

Pavel Antohe

CEO, Kuende

John Slyusarev

John Slyusarev, CMO at ICORating

Ivan Ivanov

Co-Founder Enecuum

Alan Donenfeld

CEO of CityVest

Nina Knox

Co-Founder of Top Ledger

Rita Golub

Co-Founder of Top Ledger

Bartt Charles Kellermann

Founder, Battle of the CRYPTOS

Bryan Feinberg

CEO & Founder, Etheralabs

Michael Kimelman

Co-Founder, Crypto.IQ

Mikhail Sayfullin

CEO, Enecuum

Jeff Koyen

President, 360 Blockchain

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisor and Consultant

Bart Oates

President of NFL Alumni Association.

Jason Kirk Willard

CEO, Connect Financial, Loci Technologies, Co-founder

Jake Thomas

CTI Partner

Alan Stone

Managing Director, WallStreet Research

Cat Song

CIO, New Dawn Fund

Peter Smetek

‎Chairman & CEO, Gordian Holdings, Inc.

Rene Rigard

Founder, R.L. Rigard & Associates

Luke Patterson

President, Budbo, Inc.

Michael Owens

President & CEO, U.S. Global Center of Cyber Policy

Hadari Oshiri

CEO, Xehar

Alex Miles

CEO, VINchain

James McCartney

CEO, Truvincio

Scott Licamele

Co-Founder, Sun Fund

Gary Heitz

COO, Budbo, Inc.

Garrett Goggin

President, Mill Creek Research

George Georgiades

Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Miguel A Gamiño Jr.

CTO, City of New York

Gunter Freystaetter

Director, USDV Capital

Fran Daniels

Founder, Financial Sciences of America

Hervé Damas, MD, MBA

Former NFL player, Founder of Grassroots Medicine and Wellness

Jesse Crawford

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Titan Digital Exchange

Andrew Birnbaum

CEO, Titan Digital Exchange

Craig Baker

Founder, Cigar Break Asset Management

Scott Andersen

Principal, finLawyer.com - Andersen, P.C.

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