Hervé Damas, MD, MBA

Former NFL player, Founder of Grassroots Medicine and Wellness

Hervé Damas, MD, MBA

Former NFL player, Founder of Grassroots Medicine and Wellness


Dr. Hervé Damas MD, MBA is a former professional athlete, strength and conditioning coach, fitness professional and wellness director who has received training in general surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and diagnostic radiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. He practices yoga, pumps iron, meditates, ,eats organic, speaks three languages with his children and believes there’s a universal higher power guiding our existence.

Through sports, Dr. Damas was introduced to the idea that the proper care of your body can increase performance and serve as a deterrent to injury and illness. As a kid working out, eating healthy, saying his prayers and taking his vitamins (like any true “hulkamaniac”) eventually led to his landing a roster spot with the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League! A very unlikely but true story: from Port Au Prince, Haiti to Brooklyn, NY to the NFL! Who says dreams don’t come true?

After a typical “Not For Long” NFL career, Dr. Damas returned to his roots- health and fitness. He became strength and conditioning coach at his alma mater, Hofstra University, designing programs for the football and lacrosse teams. Several members of which went on to successful careers in the NFL (of course, they couldn’t have done it without him!) He subsequently left his alma mater to make an entry into the fitness industry with New York Sports clubs where he served as a personal trainer, fitness manager, educational faculty and guy that was entirely too big to wear yoga pants!

Dr. Damas subsequently took the position of Wellness Director at The College of New Jersey. While there, Dr. Damas also served as a professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science. He taught yoga, exercise physiology, coordinated wellness expos, designed training programs for the colleges’ athletic teams and lectured for The National Strength and Conditioning Association and American College of Sports Medicine. In his “spare” time, he pumped up his pecs for breast cancer research, walked for the march of dimes, put some extra special effort into the Special Olympics and built habitats for humanity.

Feeling a need to do help others even more (and a possibly masochistic need to have his ego crushed as a thirty-something year old medical student), Dr. Damas left the college to pursue a career in medicine. Ignoring how much money he was leaving behind (he thinks about that from time to time) and how much debt he would accrue (he thinks about that daily), he took a leap of faith to in order to pursue his path to personal fulfillment.

Fueled by his personal interests, experience, education and God given altruistic sentimentality, Dr. Damas founded Grassroots Medicine and Wellness. It is the culmination of all his life’s work and comes as a realization of his true calling.


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26 Feb 2018
08:15 - 09:00
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