Hadari Oshiri

CEO, Xehar

Hadari Oshiri

CEO, Xehar


With over a decade of experience in selling apparel and accessories, Hadari is an up and coming thought leader in the fashion industry. Her story is one of perseverance, adventure and hustle. Hadari came to America and opened seven fashion retail stores, including some of the most sought out locations in America, such as Beverly Hills, Century City, Ventura, Topanga, etc. During two years of rapid expansion, Hadari was immersed in all facets of running her multiple retail stores. The trial by fire helped her to quickly learn importance of being a smart buyer. Negotiating millions of dollars in merchandise gave her the experience in determining bestselling price points and optimal merchandising. By listening to her clients, she learned the value of customer service and most importantly she uncovered secrets of predicting what women were looking for based on current and projected trends.

Building on her success, Hadari launched a shoe vertical bearing her name, Hadari Shoes. Multiple opportunities to source top quality products and negotiate low prices with manufacturers became second nature to Hadari as she continued to expand her shoe business. When Hadari was not traveling overseas, she could be found at national fashion conferences where she built key relationships with US buyers, including stores like Nordstroms, Marshalls and Modcloth ..

Closing her retail stores to focus on the momentum with global manufacturers and distributors, Hadari transitioned and started a wholesale company, again bearing her name, called Hadari Online. Hadari then saw a gap in the online marketspace and made moves accordingly. Meeting with the buyers of Overstock.com, an online company that traditionally sold furniture, Hadari convinced the buyers to let her company open up a fashion vertical within their online offerings. Within seven months of Overstock.com offering clothing, shoes and accessories, Hadari Online products were the number one provider on Overstock.com.

Taking all of her experiences thus far, has set her sights on a new way to revolutionize the fashion market through her new company Xehar. With traditional retail stores getting bogged down by excess inventory, Hadari sees an opportunity in a new way of looking at distribution to the underserved target market of curvy women between the ages 18 – 35 years old.


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Strategic Business Planning Panel

26 Feb 2018
09:20 - 10:00

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27 Feb 2018
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