GBA March Newsletter 2019


GBA March Newsletter 2019

Message from the President

Throughout 2018 our objective was to go wide. Our annual goal was to launch 200 chapters in four months. Fortunately, we reached nearly 50 percent of our objective by launching almost 100 chapters in a year. GBA has also created about 50 working groups, several communities of interests, and a suite of five certification courses. In other words, going wide in 2018 brought impressive growth in scope — geographic and topical  content, and reputation.

GBA’s theme for 2019 is “The Future of Money, Governance & the Law.” Several fundraising events will center around our theme, along with having special coordinated Crypto-Nite events around the world, now being run by Metta Creative.

If 2018 was characterized by going wide, 2019 will be characterized by going deep. Moving forward, we plan on strengthening our relationships, infrastructure, capabilities, opportunities, and value for our members. We are continuously cultivating an environment that facilitates the success of our members and produces the connective tissue that supports the growth of GBA’s community.

Of course, reaching GBA’s annual goals requires investment. Please read below about our other plans for raising the funds needed to support our growth.

First, GBA is establishing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) within many of our working groups. Government offices that wish to support Proof-of-Concept (PoC) will be invited to sponsor working group PoCs and the intellectual capital generated by the projects will be shared by the partner organizations.

Second, membership fees are increasing for larger organizations. Government employees will continue to have annual membership fees waived, students fees are still $49 per year, and small corporate membership fees are $1,500 per year. However, annual individual memberships will go up from $199 to $299, and the top-end annual corporate membership is increasing from $5,000 to $20,000.

Lastly, GBA will also incorporate advanced technology for an amazing experience that will allow our members to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Bringing our members together for improving our industry provides an opportunity for organizations to sponsor events and chapters.

I am happy to share new GBA developments with you, and hope that you will participate in many of these chances to connect with others in this space and forge lasting business relationships. Also, if you are aware of any public sector organization that would like to sponsor a PoC, please have them fill out the contact form.

All the best,

Gerard Daché
Global President
Government Blockchain Association

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